Stoney Creek Airfield

Our facilities at Stoney Creek form an integral part of the Heli-Lynx organization and offer a wealth of untapped potential, both for ourselves and prospective clients. The airfield is ideally located in southern Ontario, equidistant from Toronto to Buffalo and conveniently close to Eurocopter’s manufacturing plant in Fort Erie. Stoney Creek stands at a confluence of commercial interests, and in capitalizing on that fact, Heli-Lynx has become the convenient choice for import, export and aftermarket modifications for Eurocopter products.

The region is also one of the country’s busiest in terms of private aviation. But with increasingly high rents and fees, the major airports are squeezing the private pilot. We can offer exceptional rates to our tenants, and plan to increase Stoney Creek’s facilities substantially over the short to medium term. The airfield itself sits on 106 acres wholly owned by Heli-Lynx and boasts a 2850’ paved, lighted runway, with a 1500’ grass strip for summer use. We are proud to name the Experimental Aircraft Association and its innovative members as long-time tenants, among others and look forward to adding many more.

Heli-Lynx welcomes potential tenants and partners from outside the aviation world as well. Commercial and industrial property is increasingly scarce in the area, and we have an abundance of space for either use, and we will build to suit a tenant’s requirements.

For those looking to move in right away, we have several brand new hangars available and ready to welcome you to the area.

Call Gerard Palmer (Cell-905.317.6618) or Mike Salkovic (Cell-289.839.7276) to discuss your new home at Stoney Creek.