350FX Conversion

The AS350 AStar has been a versatile workhorse since its introduction in the late 1970s. Fast and powerful, it’s come to dominate the mining, forestry and petroleum sectors. But attending to any long-running design is the interesting challenge: how to bring older models up to current standards?

The 350FX conversion addresses this challenge and more. We can convert B, D, BA and B2 versions of the AStar into the AS350 FX. The FX kit incorporates the modifications needed to bring gross weights up to B2 standards, adding dual fuel boost pumps, the B3 hydraulic accumulator and yaw damper assembly, and improved oil cooling fan (known as the BA-to-FX kit). Due to their earlier composition, B and D models represent a more comprehensive upgrade, including the blades, mast, and power train, all of which can be done in-house at Heli-Lynx.

But the FX kit is not designed to simply bring an older version up to an approximation of the B2. It is designed to outperform the B2.

A new FX VFR electrical system replaces the standard Eurocopter electrical system. The FX system includes a new generator control unit (GCU), a new main buss electrical circuit, an isolatable essential buss to power critical systems, and a dedicated avionics buss for easy mission integration, along with a new wiring harness kit. Circuit breakers replace the glass fuses, which are divided into the essential breakers in the cockpit and the non-essential in a new power distribution panel in the aft baggage compartment. In addition, the kit incorporates a new cabin caution panel, master switch panel, LCD engine instrumentation (torque, Ng and T4 gauges), and electroluminescent instrument lighting.

The electrical system holds several advantages over the OEM design, as its elements are easily accessible for repair and trouble-shooting, as well as more cost-effective and readily available for replacement. Between the FX electrical kit’s reliability and economy, we drastically reduce your maintenance costs and AOG time. From 2015 onwards, this electrical system is now available as a standalone STC for the majority of the AS350 family.

We further increase the performance of the 350FX by installing the Honeywell LTS101-series engines. They are a serious advantage for any operator, as their maintenance costs and outright purchase costs are significantly less. Our 350 FX1 runs the LTS101-600A-3A, while the 350 FX2 is powered by the 700D-2. Many operators find the North American-based manufacture and support of the engines a real bonus.