Aircraft & Services

Heli-Lynx offers a host of services above and beyond the typical AMO. With over a decade actively participating in the world market, we’ve built up a complete and current knowledge base that gives our clients the best value for their money. Sourcing a quality airframe or receiving the best price for a sale often requires international transactions, an area in which we excel.

Heli-Lynx engages in the helicopter market and has done so for the last decade, buying and selling all makes. Our comprehensive knowledge of the helicopter market both domestic and worldwide ensures that our clients get the best value possible. Heli-Lynx is always willing to help our clients buy or sell their helicopters, and we’ve built up an extensive global network over the years.

Heli-Lynx sources aircraft for operators who want to make use of our expertise. One of their own may be AOG and they’re scrambling to find a replacement, or they might simply want a second set of eyes to track down a quality machine. Coupled with this, we have one of the premier pre-buy inspection services in North America. Every operator, pilot and mechanic wants to know exactly what they’re getting and how much it’s really worth, and our expert assessment gives the clearest picture of both.

Import-export service is a natural extension of our international activities. With Heli-Lynx’s proximity to the Canada-US border and the volume of transactions between the two countries, we are in the ideal location to facilitate sales and acquisitions, and registration and deregistration. We’ve also garnered experience further afield, dealing with civil aviation authorities from Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, and South America among others.