AS350 FX1

The FX1 offers an attractive mix of power and economy, ideal for remote operations, tours and private clients but easily adaptable to any scenario. Combining the FX electrical system, the BA to FX modifications, and the LTS101-600A-3A engine, we produce a helicopter with the same internal gross weight as a B2 but with lower maintenance and operating costs.

While putting out slightly less power than the 700D-2 or the Arriel 1D1, the 600A-3A shines as a reliable engine that maintains its power in hot and high conditions and one that burns far less fuel. On average, the FX1 goes through an average of 38 gph (143 L/h), extending its range and reducing the wet operating costs, a major benefit for tour operators and private individuals. Remote operations gain a further advantage as they need less fuel flown in, and can save their clients a substantial sum.

The FX1 complements the 600A-3A with a tail boom strake and a wide-chord tail rotor, enhancing its performance in heavy load and low speed operations by giving a noticeable increase in tail rotor authority.