Completion Center

Hand-in-hand with acquisition comes change, as buyers bring newly acquired helicopters up to their own standards. In helping with purchases and pre-buy inspections, we also offer to complete the helicopter to a buyer’s specifications, and do everything from avionics and equipment down to the paint scheme.

Heli-Lynx has completed a wide array of helicopters for a number of different purposes. From sumptuous interiors and advanced glass cockpits, to Spartan seating and stripped-down configurations, we cater to everyone.

To this end, we’ve installed a 60’ x 18’, state-of-the-art paint facility at our Stoney Creek location, to accommodate the growing demand from both our domestic and international clients. Compounding, sanding, polishing, buffing, detailing and painting are done by our highly trained and professional team with 20 years of experience in the industry. Our colour matching and mixing software, means we can create any colour you wish. Commissioned in late 2014, we can support any project you bring us. 

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Options Available
• Custom paint
• Carpeting
• Seating
• Windows
• Glass cockpit
• Specialized configuration (ENG, EMS)
• Utility equipment (baskets, hooks, mirrors)
• And more…