Aircraft Leasing & Purchase



Our Story

Heli-Lynx Helicopters, is one of the foremost designers and developers of aftermarket products for most of the important helicopter manufacturers in the world. Based in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, part of the Greater Toronto Area, we provide maintenance/repair services, AOG services, we are a parts procurement specialist, we buy/sell/lease helicopters and we are a Transport Canada approved AMO. We design, develop, manufacture and install modification kits based on a vast variety of mission requirements that comprehensively address the entire aircraft. We also provide customized completion capabilities, which includes the recent launching of our state-of-the-art painting facility, ready to offer complete finishing services from compounding, sanding, polishing, and buffing to detailing & painting.

Heli-Lynx is a single source provider of helicopter solutions that improves reliability, performance and operating costs. You can trust us to complete your aircraft with passion, integrity and professionalism, and we have done so since 2002. 

Our Parts sourcing is second to none and we specialize in hard to find parts. Of course, parts are also kept on stock, or are quickly found and delivered for our day to day use and for our AOG Services. We pride ourselves in quickly responding to the client’s needs to maximise their ROI and minimize their operational costs. In addition, we now source aircraft for sale/purchase or for lease.

Heli-Lynx offers a host of services above and beyond the typical AMO. With over a decade actively participating in the world market, we’ve built up a complete and current knowledge base that gives our clients the best value for their money. Sourcing a quality airframe or receiving the best price for a sale often requires international transactions, an area in which we excel. Over the years, we’ve expanded our operation to the point that Heli-Lynx has become a true one-stop-shop service for helicopters and more.