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Heli-Lynx Helicopters is one of the foremost designers and developers of aftermarket products for the Airbus AS350 and AS355 series aircraft. We design, develop, manufacture and install modification kits based on a vast variety of mission requirements that comprehensively address the entire aircraft. We also provide customized completion capabilities.

Heli-Lynx is a single source provider of helicopter solutions that improve reliability, performance and operating costs. You can trust us to complete your aircraft with passion, integrity and professionalism.

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Heli-Lynx offers a suite of services above and beyond the typical AMO. With over a decade actively participating in the world market, we’ve built up a complete and current knowledge base that gives our clients the best value for their money. Sourcing a quality airframe or receiving the best price for a sale often requires international transactions, an area in which we excel.

Heli-Lynx was founded as a specialized AMO, and true to our roots we maintain a reputation for excellence with the AS350 and AS355 series. Over the years, we’ve expanded our operation to the point that Heli-Lynx is a one-stop-shop for these helicopters and more.
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Our facilities at Stoney Creek form an integral part of the Heli-Lynx organization and offer a well of untapped potential, both for ourselves and prospective clients. The airfield is ideally located in southern Ontario, equidistant from Toronto to Buffalo and conveniently close to Eurocopter’s manufacturing plant in Fort Erie. Stoney Creek stands at a confluence of commercial interests, and in capitalizing on that fact Heli-Lynx has become the convenient choice for import, export and aftermarket modifications for Eurocopter products.