Our Team

Gerard Palmer
Position: CEO, Chief Pilot
Hometown: Gananoque, Ontario

A naturally gifted entrepreneur, Gerard graduated with honours from the Fleming College business program in 1990. Fresh out of school, he headed home to Gananoque to embark upon his first foray into the entrepreneurial world, establishing the town’s first fitness centre. He rapidly progressed into real estate, renovation and construction before completing a private fixed-wing licence. Finally with enough saved to achieve a childhood dream, Gerard went on to convert to helicopters and was inexorably drawn into the operational side of the industry. Despite admonitions that pilots didn’t make particularly good money, he sold the majority of his ventures and threw himself into every aspect of helicopters. Having fought fires, moved drills and instructed the world over, he finally came to Heli-Lynx as a test pilot and consultant in 2004, and was instrumental in the accomplishment of the 350FX “STC”. From there he gradually assumed the day-to-day responsibilities of the Company before finally accepting the mantle of CEO. During his tenure, Gerard has brought discipline to Heli-Lynx’s procedures, laying out standardized practices for shipping, quality control and accounting, while increasing the Company’s efficiency many times over. His efforts have forged the Company into an effective and cohesive organization, poised to expand its comprehensive range of services.

Work: (905) 643-7334
Cell: (905) 317-6618
E-mail: gerard@helilynx.com
Skype: gerardpalmer355

Matt Trahearn
Position: Director of Maintenance, Founder
Hometown: Shelburne, Ontario

Matt began his career in aviation at Canadore College, graduating in 1980. Upon graduation, he signed on with Huisson Helicopters in Timmins, now a part of HTS. It was here that he married his high school sweetheart Diane, and first came into contact with early versions of the AStar. Radically different from the ubiquitous Bells of the time, Matt came away with a respect for the design’s strengths and an equally deep understanding of its drawbacks. After a stint with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, he moved his family back to the Toronto area, where for over ten years Matt maintained Ontario Hydro’s Super Puma along with their fleet of the latest AS350, the B2. Jumping back into the commercial sector, he eventually found partners to work towards a shared ideal of opening their own AMO, and so Heli-Lynx came into being. Armed with years of experience and an awe-inspiring work ethic, Matt has done his utmost to see his dream succeed, personally installing kits on four continents to ensure the strictest level of quality.

Work: (905) 643-7334
Cell: (905) 978-9019
E-mail: matt@helilynx.com
Skype: matttrahearn

Diane Trahearn
Position: Quality Assurance Manager, Parts Manager
Hometown: Shelburne, Ontario

A graduate of Sheridan College, Diane relocated to Timmins with Matt in the early ‘80s, there to start a family. A stabilizing force to counter Matt’s constant travelling, Diane rose through the ranks of successive district school boards, and played a major role in the expansion of secondary education in the Brampton/Mississauga area. She brought the same drive and professionalism to a growing Heli-Lynx, performing every role in the company from accounting to purchasing before setting up our manufacturing arm. Diane now heads our QA department, and serves as the primary point of contact for all parts and supplies.

Work: (905) 643-7334
Cell: (905) 512-4119
E-mail: diane@helilynx.com

Daniel Owen
Position: Chairman
Hometown: Mansfield, United Kingdom

Daniel migrated to Canada in 1957, new 18 year old wife in tow and aspirations to escape the claustrophobic atmosphere in post-war Britain. His long business career began with a short period as an encyclopaedia salesman, before joining IBM’s burgeoning sales force. Disillusioned with the strictures of corporate life, he struck out into the world of self-employment. Daniel proceeded to invest in a succession of companies from portable toilets to data cards, and drove each to profitability and growth. His involvement with Heli-Lynx arose from a lifetime of flying both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, dating back to his days in the RAF Reserve. When his prospective EC120 was due for a pre-buy inspection, Daniel joined the ranks of Matt’s early customers and was soon approached as a potential partner. His efforts over the last decade have positioned Heli-Lynx for expansion from a strong financial base, a claim few can make after the recent recession.

Work: (416) 961-4300
Cell: (647) 926-6936
E-mail: daniel@helilynx.com
Skype: danielowen1581

Jackie Tidy
Position: Accounting & Administrative Manager
Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario

A homegrown Hamiltonian, Jackie joined Heli-Lynx in 2005. After an extensive career with major firms such as Royal Trust and Enbridge, she instilled a large measure of experience and skill in managing our books. Since arriving, Jackie has taken over the accounting and administrative departments, running both ably and efficiently. Also the most chronically cheerful personality around the airfield, she serves as the primary point of contact for all calls into Heli-Lynx.

Work: (905) 643-7334
E-Mail: jackie@helilynx.com