Paint Facility

Our 60’ x 18’ brand new state-of-the-art painting facility has been in operation since December, 2014. Though made to accommodate helicopter and other smaller fixed wing aircraft, we are expanding to include all forms of transportation from cars, trucks, buses to R.V.’s etc… If we can fit it in the shop, we can work on it. With qualified and knowledgeable personnel on all the processes, we will surpass your expectations.

With strong demand from local and international clients for these services, we decided to build this paint shop to really promote ourselves as a one-stop shop and we now truly are. We do it all, from compounding, sanding, polishing, buffing, detailing and painting and our mixing & matching software will make sure you have just the colour you want. Please watch this short video to give you an idea of some our work done over the last couple of months on non-helicopter applications. Thank you…

Contact Bentley Thistlethwaite (905.643.7334) for further information, we’ll be happy to provide details.



Adrian K (Hamilton, Ontario):  “Thanks again for all the great work that you do”.