A manufacturer in its own right, Heli-Lynx is also a growing distribution outlet for new, used and after-market parts from a variety of major aviation brands. We’re proud to name them as our partners, along with the countless number of customers we speak to on a daily basis.

In maintaining and converting older versions of the AS350 and AS355 and with a growing portfolio of newer and varied aircraft as well, Heli-Lynx has become a major repository for parts and in particular, hard-to-find parts. For used products, we recondition and recertify them at our facility in Stoney Creek and provide a warranty upon sale, making sure you have the best quality replacement possible.
We locate product from any number of sources, both local and worldwide. Our reach is long and our prices on target.

Contact Diane Trahearn (905.643.7334) for parts and pricing/delivery.